One day, when I was in Swindon, I was talking to one of the house guests (the same guy I called “Matt” in my haunted house blogs) about current events and other major issues of the world. In the brief time we spoke that day, I realized that he had a better grasp of world politics than anybody else I’d met so far.

The next day, I asked Matt his thoughts on a few more important topics. As he was busy giving extremely intelligent answers to my questions, I realized he was wearing a Zero Hedge hoodie. Normally, I try not to interrupt people when they’re talking, but the sight of his hoodie was so shocking, I threw my manners out the window and cut him off.

“Is that a Zero Hedge hoodie?!”


“That’s amazing!”

As popular as Zero Hedge is, it blew my mind that he was a fellow fan of such a great source of news. We talked about the 2008 collapse of the Western economy, the petro dollar, politics, and other world events. He probably knows more about American history than at least 80% of Americans, certainly more than these people.

Time was short that day, though. He was on his way to work and I knew I was leaving the next day. We exchanged email addresses and stayed in contact. Truthfully, knowing that Matt was still in Swindon heavily influenced my decision to go back.

After I returned to Swindon, we talked about even more interesting subjects like the fake news hysteria that the the left-wing media created, the fake Russian hacking story (which, ironically, was fake news itself), Pizzagate, Wikileaks, and a lot more.

Like all of the other awesome people I’ve met on my journey, Matt and I parted ways and continued with our lives separately. I hope our paths cross again someday. It’d be nice to hang out and talk some more.

Thankfully, something tells me I’ll continue meeting people like him while I’m in Wales. Hint

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