I’ve noticed that people in Thailand and Malaysia are completely obsessed with the song, “Shape of You”, by Ed Sheeran. It’s absolutely everywhere you go – in bars, restaurants, pool halls, coffee shops, malls, everywhere.
Today, I looked up the video for the song. Apparently, Southeast Asians are not the only ones who can’t get enough of it. Not including anywhere else that the song is posted online, the official music video has 1.6 billion views. That’s billion with a “B”.
WoW. This is definitely one of those moments that makes me pause and reflect.

When I see that any Youtube video has far more views than I’d assume it would have, I think: “I wonder what the world would be like if that many people would watch videos like “The Philosophy of Liberty”, an 8-minute, incredibly simple to understand introduction to the philosophy of non-violence.

More and less

If “The Philosophy of Liberty” also had 1.6 billion views, as “Shape of You” currently has, there’d be a lot more peace and a lot less violence in this world. That much is certain. 

More people would question their governments. Less people would accept the authority of people who do them harm, no matter what their intentions are.

More people would trade goods and services for money, leading to a more prosperous, free economy. Less people would use force to prevent others from engaging in voluntary, peaceful transactions.

More people would have respect for other’s thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Less people would force their will on others.

More people would be allowed to defend themselves from those who’d want to do them harm. Less people would want to create a world safe for attackers.

More people would come together to help each other. Less people would ignore those that experience sudden tragedy, assuming that the government will take care of those in need.

More people would talk to their kids about the immorality of murder and murder for hire. Less people would encourage their kids to enlist in the military.

And much, much more. And much, much less.

What is the shape of you?

Sharing things like those funny cat videos make us happy and human, and we should definitely not stop laughing and being entertained. On the other hand, the next time you see or read something that could promote a more peaceful world, click the share button, and shape the world into the shape of you.