Have you ever played Would You Rather? It’s definitely a controversial, politically incorrect game and not for anybody who gets offended easily. Depending on who you play with, the questions can get quite raunchy and make you squirm if you’re the one being asked, and sometimes even if you’re not the one being asked.

I played the game with three Brits (ages 22-25) and I had a lot of fun. Their questions were great, creative, funny, and along the lines of what you’d expect. While thinking of my questions for them, I took advantage of my opportunity to have some fun and give the game a twist that they aren’t likely to see again.

“Would you rather have an hour long dinner conversation with a capitalist or an SJW?”

“Would you rather go zip lining with Carl Menger or Karl Marx?”

“Would you rather read “Man, Economy, and State” or “Mein Kampf” to a class of third graders?”

I was very saddened that they’d rather eat dinner with an SJW. I’m not really sure if they understand who the SJWs are, but I’m guessing that – just like so many young people in the US – their teachers, politicians, and the media have told them so many times that capitalists are evil, by default, they’d rather converse with an SJW. With that said, little did they know, they’d just had Christmas dinner conversation with an unapologetic, pure capitalist (me) only an hour prior to playing the game.

I knew they wouldn’t have heard of Carl Menger or “Man, Economy, and State”, but I couldn’t believe they had no idea who Karl Marx was or what “Mein Kampf” was. How could they not know of the man who is personally responsible for creating and promoting a political system that killed up to 135 million human beings? Or the infamous autobiography of the man who’s leadership led to the third-most deaths of any head of state (behind only Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong)?

While it’s true that, at some point in their lives, all adults have to take personal responsibility for their own continued education, the knowledge level and beliefs of these three Brits aren’t all their fault – apparently, UK government schools suck as much as those in the US.

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