Today was definitely one of those “FINALLY!” days.
I’ve been sick for six days. I experienced hot/cold shivers, an extreme headache, sinus pressure, extreme exhaustion (I slept all hours of the day), no appetite, nausea (thankfully, I didn’t give in to that feeling), but most importantly, I always felt dizzy, unstable, and wobbly, so I literally didn’t feel safe going outside for fear of falling.
I often felt like I was going to pass out, and one time I did. When I woke up, my head and neck were twisted and jammed up against the wall and I was lying in a pool of my own sweat (sorry, I know that sounds gross).
My host said it’s because I needed to get used to the heat and humidity. Even though Thailand weather is a lot like Florida – where I lived for 26 years – I guess my body just couldn’t get used to it.
I took every piece of medicine I had, but none of it seemed to have any effect, so I stopped taking medicine two days ago. I think time was the only cure in this situation.
Today, I FINALLY felt well enough to go out for more than just an hour to get something to eat. I was able to check off two things from my list: Freedom Beach and getting one of those famous inexpensive, amazing Thai massages.
I have pictures from the beach, but it was kind of a cloudy day, so I’m going to go back on a sunnier day, take better pics, and share them with you guys some other time.
As for the massage… wow. This woman absolutely declared war on my body, and it was awesome! She got up on the table with me and threw elbows and knees at my body like I’d stolen something from her, which felt amazing!
And the price – I’d always heard of the price of Thai massages, but I never believed it, until today. A one hour massage, from an 11-year veteran, Thai masseuse was… are you ready? 250 Baht ($7.35). I gave her an even 300 Baht, including tip. How could I not?
By the way, the answer to your question is “no, she didn’t” 😉
After the massage, I went to dinner, where the great Thai values just kept coming. I had squid and fried rice for 130 Baht ($3.82). This place is amazing.
Also, I made yet another cool, Russian friend today! He, his friend, and I are going to go out for drinks tomorrow night. Americans and Russians were talking and getting along. Hmmmm… it kinda makes you think maybe, just maybe, if governments would just let the adults be in charge, the world would be a lot more peaceful!