On Sunday, February 12th, 2017, an incredibly drunk man in Scotland thought he could use a cop car as a taxi. This story took place outside The Alexander Graham Bell Wetherspoon Freehouse, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Below is the transcript of the video.

Not knowing your limit might lead to you think you can use a cop car as a taxi.

While my friends and I were hanging out at the AGB in Edinburgh, Scotland, a drunk man stumbled over. He was almost too drunk to stand. Normally, I don’t film people in public. This time, I couldn’t resist.

You can see he’s on his phone. He’s probably trying to call an Uber or a friend to come pick him up. Then, he looks up and thinks, “I’m gonna use that cop car as a taxi”. He staggers over as well as he can, opens the door, and gets into the cop car.

The cop immediately removes him, and he slowly wobbles backwards to his spot against the wall.

When getting drunk gets too dangerous

As we all know, having too much to drink can cause all kinds of problems from making a fool of yourself to violent hangovers to even death. I brought up that last one for a reason.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but minutes later, this guy almost lost his life. After I stopped filming, my friends and I continued talking. Then we looked over and noticed the drunk guy had wandered into the middle of the road.

At that moment, a speeding lowrider car came flying down the road. The careless driver narrowly missed running over the stumbling drunk guy.

A couple of take-aways

Most people watch videos like this and get a good laugh at somebody else’s expense. However, only some of us can learn from it. Personally, here are a couple of things I took from that night:

  1. Know your limit
  2. Consider helping strangers more often

Most of us can handle number one, right? Responsibly drinking alcohol in moderation is fine. Yet, it’s a dangerous drug when consumed in large quantities. Drinking alcohol requires personal responsibility.

Clearly, this guy failed at number one. Although, I must admit, I failed at number two. I should’ve helped him before he wandered into the street.

The good news is, the manager of The Bell came over, asked us what we were looking at, we told him what happened, and the manager jogged over to help the drunk guy, who was still wandering through the parking lot.

Who did the right thing?

I have to wonder, though: what if that manager wasn’t there to do the right thing?

Bottom line: After I watched the cops decide not to help this guy, instead of laughing at him, I should’ve walked over and tried to lend a hand.

The next time I see a peaceful guy this drunk, I’ll see what I can do to help him out. I hope you feel the same. Cheers 🙂

Sources for the “2015 Causes of Death in US” graph in the video: CDC and FBI.

Music used in this video: Morning Sun by Nicolai Heidlas.