I went on many bus, walking, and drinking tours in Europe. When I was in Vienna, I bought a discounted package that included daytime and nighttime bus tours. Please excuse any shaky images – most of these were taken from a bus.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the Vienna State Opera House. The architecture is phenomenal.

The Vienna Art History Museum.

Hofburg Arches

Austrian Parliament Building

Austrian Parliament Building

Ummmmm…. church? Sorry, I forgot to take better notes 🙂

One of many beautiful monuments all around the city.

The new meets the old – The “U” leads to the subway, next to centuries-old buildings.

Many European cities have trams like this. I wonder, why don’t they just have buses, instead? They both have to stop at traffic lights, but a bus – I’d assume – is cheaper and can be used anywhere, whereas a tram can only go to places where there is track. Or the better option: don’t tax people and let them decide what to do with their transportation money!

In order to keep European buildings beautiful, they have to go through routine maintenance and cleaning. I posted this pic to demonstration that Europe isn’t all beautiful all the time.

Of the cities that I visited in Europe, I think Vienna has the least graffiti. Perhaps that’s because the government told the artists that they could, legally, draw whatever they wanted, as long as it was next to the Danube River in this location. That policy probably keeps a lot of graffiti from the rest of the city.

(more graffiti by the Danube River)

I’m not sure who J.A.I.B is, but somebody wants him/her/them free! Wherever they are, if their crimes were victimless, I want them free, too!

The fair was going on while I was there. It was mobbed!

Ferris wheel in the background. I believe in front of that, is a ride called “cyclone”.

An inflatable American football player at a European fair? Interesting!

I wonder how Austrians feel about businesses like TGI Fridays in their beautiful buildings. I think they add a cool contrast – old and new!

…same thing (look to the right: a McCafe).

The world famous, Hotel Imperial in Vienna, Austria | VincePerfetto.com

The world famous, Hotel Imperial.

The Vienna State Opera House.

The historic, Hotel Sacher (it was used as a planning base during WWII).

The Big Bus Tours bus that we drove on!

I’m really sorry that I can’t remember what this building is. I walked out into traffic to take this pic! 🙂

Ringstrassen Galerien.

Tucked away in backroads of Vienna, is the Moulin Rouge restaurant.

…another example of an old building being restored, next to the finished product. Apparently, these buildings get dirty, very easily!

A close up of the front of the Vienna State Opera House.

Sunset in Vienna on the Danube River! I wish I was with those kids on that trampoline! 🙂