There are a lot of fun things to do and see at Niagara Falls. The ferris wheel, the Maid of the Mist boat tours, the zipline that takes you 2,200 feet (670 meters) down to the Falls, and of course, the amazing Falls themselves. There’s even a small, but impressive downtown area.

If you ever visit the Falls, I want to give you some solid advice about that scenic downtown area near Niagara Falls: almost every exorbitantly priced attraction will give you that “I feel used” aftertaste. They churn-and-burn families of tourists like the TSA. OK, you’re right, that was a low blow – at least the tourist traps give you a choice.

I will, however, endorse the value of nearby restaurants and bars. We had some juicy burgers at a restaurant called The Works, that specializes in creative burgers. I also continued what will surely be a running theme of my trip – drink local beer, drink all of the local beer! Niagara Brewing Company is a brewpub with great service and a diverse selection of beers.

The food, beer, and the Falls aren’t the only positive experiences you’re likely to have if you visit Niagara Falls. I won’t forget the warm feeling as I wandered through the crowded sidewalks and sat on the lawn next to the Falls.

Everywhere I looked, there were international travelers, peacefully interacting and coexisting. So many different people from so many different countries with so many different stories of how they got there, all in a relatively small space, all there for such similar reasons. Nobody cared about anybody’s nationality, religion, social class, age, race, or any other label that collectivists apply to individuals with the intention of separating populations and pitting them against each other.

Throughout history, whenever people have allow themselves to be manipulated, ‘divide and conquer’ has been a well known strategy of dictatorial tyrants and bigoted politicians. Yet, when these so-called ‘leaders’ aren’t around to force their intolerant dogma on the masses, the result, almost every single time, almost everywhere in the world, is peaceful, non-violent, harmony. I witnessed something truly breathtaking that you can’t quite see in too many places. I’m not talking about the waterfall. I’m talking about seeing all kinds of different individuals getting along just fine – that was the most beautiful thing I saw at Niagara Falls.

If only governments could get along as well as the rest of us do, the world would know peace.