While I’ve had a great time so far in Malaysia, I’ve decided that I can’t spend all 40 days of my time here in Penang. It’s time to explore life beyond this little SE Asian island and start a second awesome tour!
Do you remember that awesome, 5-day tour of the Scottish Highlands that I did back in February? On the 14th of July, I’ll start an even-more-awesome, 10-day tour of Malaysia and Singapore!
Only this time, there’s one major difference: instead of being driven around in a tour bus with a guide and schedule, I’ve rented a car and I’m creating my own schedule. It’s like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books!

Adventurous Driving

In Thailand, I rented a motorbike (moped/scooter) and drove on the left side of the road for four weeks. Even though I hadn’t driven a motorbike in nearly 30 years, I was driving like a local in no time. This included weaving in and out of traffic, passing cars on the left, passing cars on the right (yes, in between oncoming traffic), and even passing cars by driving on the sidewalk. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “when in Rome”. Well, “when in Thailand… you drive on the sidewalk!”
However, my Malaysian experience will be the first time that I’ll be driving a car with the steering wheel on the right side of the car. I think the thing I’m most afraid of are the semi-crazy drives here. I’ve noticed a lot of people interpret those white lines on the road as “suggestions”. Sooooo… let’s hope I don’t die 😉
More to come. Stay tuned. Game on!