Perfetto’s Laws

While traveling, I’ve come across some universal truths. You’ve probably heard of Murphy’s LawGodwin’s Law, or Wood’s Law #3. These are Perfetto’s Laws.

Perfetto’s Law #1

The longer an American talks to a non-American, the more likely the American will be asked to give their thoughts on Trump.

A Brit on a hike up a mountain in the UK. A Mexican in Spain. A German at a comedy club in Munich. A Russian in Thailand. A Sudanese in Malaysia. A Frenchman in Vietnam. And locals everywhere! They’ve all asked me what I think of Trump.

It doesn’t matter where you go, you can’t escape the Trump question. Don’t try. It’ll find you. Before you travel, prepare your thoughts ahead of time because you will be asked for your opinion on Trump.

Perfetto’s Law #2

When a native English speaker converses in English with a non-native English speaker, the non-native will eventually say that their English is poor, even if they’d been conversing in English for several hours already.

There you are, having a great, two hour-long conversation with a non-native English speaker when it happens – there’s a word they don’t know. They bow their head in shame and tell you how poor their English is.

You’ll have to reassure them that their English is, in fact, very good. You remind them that they’ve been having a conversation in English with a native English speaker for two hours! Reluctantly, they’ll accept that they might understand English well enough.